South Sudan

South Sudan
Our very own Ellen Cummings is passionate about serving God’s people in South Sudan and has been a pioneer in this region related to providing education and care for children. She is known as “Mama Ellen” and has provided education to children at Harvester Home and helped to start a new Home, Terekeka. With the help of Baylake UMC and churches within the District, she supplied a shipping container worth of goods for the Orphanage start up!
She is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children living in this region through providing education, giving hope and showing them the love of Jesus Christ. While teaching children to read in a country with high illiteracy rates is challenging, she has persisted and now has a high percentage of the children reading! She also plays with them, sings to them and takes them to walk and swim along the Nile River.
In addition to working with children, Ellen has also worked with women in the region who were recently freed from slavery. She heard their stories, cried and prayed, and helped them with the reintegration process to freedom.
Through Ellen’s work, Baylake UMC has provided financial resources for drilling wells for clean water, building a patient care facility that includes walls, a roof and flooring, provided bicycles to ministers and bibles to many. She has many friends in South Sudan who help her and care for her while she is working for God in the region. They even help her with transport via a boda boda…Ellen’s favorite form of local transportation!
Ellen would love to have you join her on a mission trip or to help support her financially! You can contact her at