Need Money for College?
Members enrolled in undergraduate degree and trade school programs may be eligible for an annual scholarship through the generosity of our sponsors:

Elizabeth Campbell Scholarship Fund

Robert Dean and Sarah Kemp Bunn Scholarship Fund

Ab Abernathy Scholarship Fund

Richard “Dick” Dorton Scholarship Fund

John Wesley Howard Educational Fund


Eligibility is based on the following criteria:

  • Member or constituent of Baylake UMC who actively participates in church ministries
  • Enrolled Undergraduate students only

The Process for Awarding is as follows:

  • Applicant completes and turns in application by deadline
  • Permanent Endowment and Planned Giving Ministry Committee approves and awards scholarships
  • Scholars must make a brief announcement at a church service to express appreciation and share the impact of Baylake UMC in their life.

Matching Grants:

Applicants who are attending a United Methodist affiliated University may be eligible for matching grants from the University.

Questions related to college scholarship can be directed to Robert Howard at