Winter Shelter 2023 – December 27 thru January 3, 2024
Thank You to Everyone Who Showed Love & Kindness to Our Guests! 
Jesus tells us to take care of the least among us, so we open our doors to the homeless to help care for them. Baylake UMC Partners with the Judeo-Christian Outreach Center for their Virginia Beach Winter Shelter program for the homeless population. Our church is a designated shelter for one week during the winter months where we lovingly prepare meals, provide shelter and minister to the spiritual needs of our guest.
This program services more than 60 homeless adults each night between the hours of 9pm and 7am from October to April. Through outreach efforts, word-of-mouth and local police department referrals, individuals seeking shelter are encouraged to report to a designated central location and are then transported to a site where cots, bedrolls, food and coffee are available.
This is an amazing opportunity for volunteers to be used as God’s hand and feet on earth to care for this indigent population showing them love and giving them hope.
Click here for more information on ways to volunteer.
Our project coordinator is Cindy Wilkins (